Callas AdMat Miller Coors 'Go Vikings!'

Callas AdMat Miller Coors ‘Go Vikings!’

What is AdMat™?

The AdMat is the newest solution of Callas Enterprises. It is patented and proprietary entrance advertising “Floor Talking Billboard” which can be customized to any size with changeable 3M non-slip graphics. AdMat™ provides a first impression for customers as they enter a store or approach a display or end cap.

Callas AdMat Miller Coors in Store Entryways

Callas AdMat Miller Coors in Store Entryways

Why is it important to have AdMat advertising?

About 75% of all purchase decisions occur while the consumer is in the store. By strategically placing these attractive, attention grabbing graphics, which can include 3D moving images, it will attract the consumer’s attention and increase impulse buying by over 28%.

Why use the AdMat™ vs. standard floor graphics?

The AdMat comes equipped with a patented docking station. We have been told that “regular graphics” appear cheap and don’t send the proper message and are slip hazards when wet. AdMat™ puts your message in a picture frame offering instant visual awareness.

Where can AdMats™ be used?

The AdMat can be used indoors and outdoors. The 3M Graphic is a high quality slip resistant surface which is waterproof and fade resistant. AdMat™ carries a 7-Year Warranty

Callas AdMat Miller Coors Coolers

Callas AdMat Miller Coors Coolers

Is the AdMat™ a safe, sturdy, high quality product?

AdMat comes standard with Perma-Safe™ edge and rounded corners or can be upgraded to the Edge Guardian™. The patented Tread-Lok™ backing prevents the AdMat™ from moving or sliding. Life expectancy of the AdMat is a minimum of 7-10 years. Callas Matting is in use at National Retail Chains and Class A Office Buildings. AdMat™ is constructed for Extreme pedestrian and shopping cart traffic.

What services will be provided if an AdMat™ is placed on your property?

We provide graphic installs, field design, hotline for questions our clients may have

Has the AdMat™ been tested and what kind of clients do you have?

With 7 years of indoor and outdoor Beta testing in all kinds of weather conditions and environments the AdMat™ with stood everything thrown its way. To back up our 7 years of Beta testing Callas Enterprises also has a high profile client list that currently uses our other flooring systems. Just to name a few: Mall of America, General Growth Properties, Simon Properties, Macerich Properties, Nordstrom, Carson’s, Herbergers, Dillard’s, Yonkers, Denver and Twin Cities airport terminals and hundreds of Class A office buildings across the United States.

To summarize, here are some important take home points:

    Expect 7-10 Years of Service from AdMat™.

  • AdMat™ provides a point of sale with high quality 3M Graphics.
  • AdMat™ provides safety as it helps prevents slip/ trips and falls.
  • AdMat™ provides a cleaner environment as it controls moisture and dirt.
  • AdMats™ 3M Graphics allow for high quality images to feature current specials, products, company logos, etc.